Correlational findings

Study BBC (2006): study GB 2005

15+ aged, general public, United Kingdom, 2005
Survey name
UK-BBC Happiness Survey
N = 1001
Non Response
not reported
Interview: Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI)


Authors's Label
Concept of happiness
Our Classification
a: N=345; b: N=303; c: N=242; d: N=230; e: N=206; f: N=170; g: N=122; h: N=112; i: N=88; j: N=72; k: N=56; l: N=55; m: N=34; n: N=32; o: N=25; p: N=24; q: N=23; r: N=18; s: N=11; t: N=10; u: N=9; v: N=8; w: N=7; x: N=5; y: N=4; z: N=37
Self-report on a singe question:
Please tell me in your own words, what happiness is for you?
a: contentment/fulfilment/peace of mind/no stress/worries
b: my family/being with my family in general
c: my health/good health/being able to get about
d: money/financial security/being comfortable
e: my friends/being with my friends
f: my friends/family/people around me being happy/healthy
g: enjoying life/happiness in general
h: a happy marriage/relationships/being with husband/wife/partner
i: being happy at home/a good/secure home/house
j: work/having a good/secure job/career
k: enjoying my hobbies/pastimes (specified/unespecified)
l: being with my children/grandchildren
m: a good/safe community/environment/good neighbours
n: security/stability (unespecified)
o: my religious faith/belief in God
p: the world to be a better place in general/peace/no poverty
q: being a good person/citizen/helping others
r: having (regular) holidays
s: he weather/sunshine/rain
t: a good better government/the way the country is run
u: my pet/pets
v: success/succeding/being successful (unspecified)
w: good work/life balance
x: my car/having a nice car
y: not having to worry about the environment/global warming etc…
z: others

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g DM = a: M=3,26  CI95=3,19-3,32
b: M=3,34  CI95=3,27-3,41
c: M=3,26  CI95=3,18-3,35
d: M=3,21  CI95=3,12-3,29
e: M=3,21  CI95=3,12-3,31
f: M=3,30  CI95=3,21-3,40
g: M=3,34  CI95=3,20-3,47
h: M=3,18  CI95=3,02-3,33
i: M=3,16  CI95=3,00-3,22
j: M=3,23  CI95=3,07-3,40
k: M=3,25  CI95=3,03-3,47
l: M=3,32  CI95=3,13-3,51
m: M=3,23  CI95=3,04-3,42
n: M=3,06  CI95=2,76-3,37
o: M=3,27  CI95=2,98-3,56
p: M=3,26  CI95=3,03-3,49
q: M=3,00  CI95=2,74-3,26
r: M=3,24  CI95=2,85-3,62
s: M=3,45  CI95=2,83-4,08
t: M=3,00  CI95=2,52-3,48
u: M=3,00  CI95=3,00-3,00
v: M=3,29  CI95=2,83-3,74
w: M=3,00  CI95=2,37-3,63
x: M=3,40  CI95=2,72-4,08
y: M=4,00  CI95=4,00-4,00
z: M=3,32  CI95=3,10-3,55
O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g BMCT = O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g DM = O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab DM = a: M=7,39  CI95=7,21-7,57
b: M=7,56  CI95=7,37-7,74
c: M=7,49  CI95=7,30-7,67
d: M=7,01  CI95=6,78-7,24
e: M=7,44  CI95=7,22-7,67
f: M=7,40  CI95=7,17-7,63
g: M=7,71  CI95=7,42-8,00
h: M=7,18  CI95=6,79-7,57
i: M=7,02  CI95=6,63-7,41
j: M=7,23  CI95=6,84-7,62
k: M=7,36  CI95=6,97-7,74
l: M=7,45  CI95=7,04-7,87
m: M=7,24  CI95=6,62-7,87
n: M=7,47  CI95=7,04-7,90
o: M=8,08  CI95=7,30-8,86
p: M=7,13  CI95=6,47-7,78
q: M=6,91  CI95=6,35-7,48
r: M=7,53  CI95=6,84-8,21
s: M=7,75  CI95=6,57-8,93
t: M=6,10  CI95=4,58-7,62
u: M=6,11  CI95=4,29-7,93
v: M=7,50  CI95=7,05-7,95
w: M=7,50  CI95=6,50-8,50
x: M=7,20  CI95=6,16-8,24
y: M=7,50  CI95=5,91-9,09
z: M=7,67  CI95=7,11-8,22
O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab DM = O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab DM =