Correlational findings

Study BBC (2006): study GB 2005

15+ aged, general public, United Kingdom, 2005
Survey name
UK-BBC Happiness Survey
N = 1001
Non Response
not reported
Interview: Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI)


Authors's Label
Source of own happiness
Our Classification
a=8%; b=2%; c=48%; d=7%; e=6%; f=5%; g=24%; h=1%
Question: -After I read them out, please tell me which one is the most important to you with regard to your own happiness and well-being?
a: a nice place to live
b: work fulfilment
c: partner/spouse and family relationships
d: money and financial situation
e: religious/spiritual life
f: community and friends
g: health
h: none of these

This list was presented subsequently as:
- Most important
- Second in importance
- Third in importance
- Fourth in importance
- Fifth in importance
- Sixth in importance
- Least important

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g DM = Mentioned as MOST important:
- Nice place to live: M=3,04   CI95=2,85-3,22
- Work fulfillment    M=2,85   CI95=2,41-3,29
- Spouse and family   M=3,30   CI95=3,24-3,36
- Money and financial M=3,15   CI95=3,00-3,31
- Religious/spiritual M=3,20   CI95=2,98-3,42
- Community & friends M=3,13   CI95=2,95-3,32
- Health              M=3,28   CI95=3,19-3,36
- None of these       M=3,14   CI95=2,79-3,49
O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g BMCT = ns O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g DM = Mentioned as SECOND important:
Nice place to live      M=3,28   CI95=3,19-3,38
Work fulfilment         M=3,29   CI95=3,13-3,45
Spouse and family       M=3,25   CI95=3,16-3,34
Money and financial     M=3,19   CI95=3,09-3,29
Religious/spiritual     M=3,25   CI95=2,98-3,52
Community & friends     M=3,27   CI95=3,12-3,32
Health                  M=3,22   CI95=3,12-3,32
None of these           M=3,35   CI95=3,12-3,58
O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g BMCT = ns O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g DM = Mentioned as THIRD important:
Nice place to live     M=3,19  CI95=3,09-3,29
Work fulfilment        M=3,23  CI95=3,11-3,36
Spouse and family      M=3,28  CI95=3,15-3,41
Money and financial    M=3,28  CI95=3,18-3,37  Religious/spiritual    M=3,13  CI95=2,94-3,32
Community and friends  M=3,24  CI95=3,13-3,35
Health                 M=3,26  CI95=3,14-3,38
None of these          M=3,32    CI95=3,15-3,49
O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g BMCT = ns O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g DM = Mentioned as FOURTH important:
Nice place to live      M=3,27  CI95=3,17-3,36
Work fulfilment         M=3,17  CI95=3,07-3,27 Spouse and family       M=3,07  CI95=2,87-3,27
Money and financial     M=3,28  CI95=3,18-3,38
Religious/spiritual     M=3,08  CI95=2,85-3,31
Community and friends   M=3,27  CI95=3,16-3,38
Health                  M=3,31  CI95=3,19-3,43
None of these           M=3,27  CI95=3,12-3,42
O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g BMCT = ns O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g DM = Mentioned the FIFTH important:
Nice place to live      M=3,33  CI95=3,22-3,44
Work fulfilment         M=3,29  CI95=3,19-3,40
Spouse and family       M=3,11  CI95=2,87-3,36
Money and financial     M=3,28  CI95=3,18-3,38
Religious/spiritual     M=3,18  CI95=3,02-3,33
Community and friends   M=3,18  CI95=3,09-3,28
Health                  M=3,25  CI95=3,12-3,39
None of these           M=3,28  CI95=3,16-3,41
O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g BMCT = ns O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g DM = Mentioned as SIXTH important:
Nice place to live       M=3,24  CI95=3,13-3,35
Work fulfilment          M=3,31  CI95=3,21-3,41
Spouse and family        M=3,14  CI95=2,92-3,36
Money and financial      M=3,24  CI95=3,08-3,40
Religious/spiritual      M=3,26  CI95=3,14-3,38
Community and friends    M=3,28  CI95=3,18-3,38
Health                   M=3,13  CI95=3,01-3,26
None of these            M=3,23  CI95=3,12-3,34
O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g BMCT = ns O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g DM = Mentioned as the LEAST important:
Nice place to live       M=3,12  CI95=2,90-3,33
Work fulfilment          M=3,26  CI95=3,15-3,37
Spouse and family        M=2,54  CI95=1,95-3,12
Money and financial      M=3,16  CI95=2,95-3,36
Religious/spiritual      M=3,30  CI95=3,24-3,36
Community and friends    M=3,27  CI95=3,09-3,44
Health                   M=3,15  CI95=2,81-3,49
None of these            M=3,20  CI95=3,10-3,31
O-HL-g-sq-v-4-g BMCT = ns O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab DM = Mentioned as the MOST important:
Nice place to live       M=7,28  CI95=6,89-7,66
Work fulfilment          M=6,32  CI95=5,39-7,24
Spouse and family        M=7,40  CI95=7,24-7,55
Money and financial      M=6,66  CI95=6,17-7,16
Religious/spiritual      M=7,73  CI95=7,23-8,22
Community and friends    M=7,40  CI95=6,95-7,86
Health                   M=7,46  CI95=7,24-7,68
None of these            M=8,00  CI95=6,48-9,52
O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab BMCT = ns O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab DM = Mentioned as SECOND important:
Nice place to live       M=7,48  CI95=7,22-7,74
Work fulfilment          M=7,53  CI95=7,12-7,95
Spouse and family        M=7,34  CI95=7,12-7,55
Money and financial      M=7,04  CI95=6,77-7,31
Religious/spiritual      M=7,57  CI95=6,93-8,21
Community and friends    M=7,71  CI95=7,39-8,03
Health                   M=7,17  CI95=6,90-7,44
None of these            M=7,39  CI95=6,60-8,17
O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab BMCT = p < .05 g,c,h,a,b,e,f > d (money and financial) O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab DM = Mentioned as THIRD important:
Nice place to live       M=7,22  CI95=6,97-7,48
Work fulfilment          M=7,21  CI95=6,90-7,52
Spouse and family        M=7,30  CI95=6,88-7,72
Money and financial      M=7,48  CI95=7,25-7,71
Religious/spiritual      M=7,20  CI95=6,67-7,74
Community and friends    M=7,34  CI95=7,07-7,60
Health                   M=7,41  CI95=7,08-7,73
None of these            M=7,50  CI95=7,03-7,97
O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab BMCT = ns O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab DM = Mentioned as FOURTH important:
Nice place to live       M=7,41  CI95=7,17-7,65
Work fulfilment          M=7,18  CI95=6,90-7,47
Spouse and family        M=7,28  CI95=6,78-7,77
Money and financial      M=7,63  CI95=7,40-7,86
Religious/spiritual      M=6,88  CI95=6,18-7,57
Community and friends    M=7,18  CI95=6,91-7,45
Health                   M=7,35  CI95=7,03-7,67
None of these            M=7,37  CI95=6,96-7,77
O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab BMCT = ns O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab DM = Mentioned as FIFTH important:
Nice place to live       M=7,30  CI95=7,01-7,59
Work fulfilment          M=7,25  CI95=6,96-7,53
Spouse and family        M=7,44  CI95=6,97-7,90
Money and financial      M=7,40  CI95=7,12-7,68
Religious/spiritual      M=7,53  CI95=7,13-7,92
Community and friends    M=7,21  CI95=6,93-7,50
Health                   M=7,48  CI95=7,22-7,74
None of these            M=7,28  CI95=6,95-7,62
O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab BMCT = ns O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab DM = Mentioned as SIXTH important:
Nice place to live       M=7,23  CI95=6,87-7,59
Work fulfilment          M=7,39  CI95=7,12-7,66
Spouse and family        M=7,64  CI95=7,16-8,13
Money and financial      M=7,51  CI95=7,15-7,86
Religious/spiritual      M=7,38  CI95=7,07-7,70
Community and friends    M=7,44  CI95=7,21-7,66
Health                   M=7,02  CI95=6,67-7,37
None of these            M=7,19  CI95=6,90-7,47
O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab BMCT = ns O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab DM = Mentioned as the LEAST important:
Nice place to live       M=7,05  CI95=6,45-7,64
Work fulfilment          M=7,57  CI95=7,32-7,83
Spouse and family        M=5,43  CI95=3,51-7,35
Money and financial      M=7,47  CI95=7,00-7,93
Religious/spiritual      M=7,37  CI95=7,22-7,52
Community and friends    M=7,17  CI95=6,73-7,61
Health                   M=6,74  CI95=5,82-7,66
None of these            M=7,21  CI95=6,93-7,49
O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-ab BMCT = ns