Correlational findings

Study Magnus & Diener (1991): study US 1986

University students, USA, followed 4 years 1986-1990
N = 130
Non Response
Multiple assesment methods
Self-report questionnaires, peer reports, and experinece sampling.


Authors's Label
Subjective well being (SWB)
Our Classification
Assessed at T1(1986) and T2(1990)
A single subjective well-being factor was made from combining several scales:

A Selfreport on Satisfaction with life scale
B Selfreport on Informant satisfaction with life scale
C Selfreport on Fordyce happiness item
D Informant rating on the Fordyce happiness item

A Satisfaction with life scale
  Selfreport on four questions:

Using the 1-5 scale below, indicate your agreement with each of the items by placing the appropriate number on the line preceding that item. Please be open and honest in your responding.
A  In most ways my life is close to ideal
B  The conditions of my life are excellent
C  I am satisfied with my life
D  So far, I have gotten the important things I want in life
E If I could live my life over, I would change nothing
Answers rated:
5 strongly agree
4 slightly agree
3  neither agree nor disagree
2  slightly disagree
1  strongly disagree
Computation: A+B+C+D+E divided by 5
Name: Shortened Diener's Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS)

B The informant satisfaction with life scale: Informant report on A measure

C The Fordyce :Selfreport on single question:
Generally speaking, how (much) do you feel happy? What score do you give if we put ten for 'extremely happy, zero for extremely unhappy' and five for neither happy nor unhappy'?
10 extremely happy
5  neither happy nor unhappy
0  extremely unhappy

D The informant Fordyce:Peerrating using C measure

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks M-FH-g-sq-n-11-a r = +.63 p < .05 T1 SWB by T2 happiness M-FH-g-sq-n-11-a r = +.68 p < .05 T2 SWB by T1 happiness O-DT-u-sq-v-7-a r = +.62 p < .05 T2 SWB by T1 happiness O-Sum-g-fi-?-7-a r = +.50 p < .05 T2 SWB by T1 happiness A-AOL-g-rdp-v-10-a r = +.52 p < .05 T1 SWB by T2 happiness A-AOL-g-rdp-v-10-a r = +.44 p < .05 T2 SWB by T1 happiness