Correlational findings

Study Brunstein et al. (1998): study DE 1993

University students, Erlangen, Germany,199?
N =
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
And structured mood diary.


Authors's Label
Progress in agentic goals
Our Classification
Two raters independently inspected the goals listed by Ss and examined how well the content of these goals matched the striving areas specified in the instructions. For 98 Ss the two raters agreed that the goals listed fitted the specified categories perfectly. Six Ss were itentified by at least one rater to have confounded agebntic and communal concerns with one area of striving. These cases were excluded from the analysis
M=12..83, SD=2.80
Ss were asked to list one goal within each of four striving areas: a) striving for intimacy and interpersonal closeness b) affiliation and friendly social contacts c) achivement and mastery experiences d) independence, social influence, and self-reliance

Average rating of progress in the striving areas c and d

Ss were asked to  progress made in each goal during the past week on four aspects. Rating are made on 5-point scales(1=disagree strongly, 2=disagree somewhat, 3=neither agree nor disagree, 4= agree somewhat, 5=agree strongly)

1.Advancement: I have made a great deal pf progress in the attempt of advancing this goal
2.Stagnation: I have hardly made any progress in accomplishing this goal(Revese scoring)
3.Success: I have quite a lot of success in pursuing this goal
4.Failure: Many of my efforts in realizing this goal have failed(Reverse scoring)

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AB-mp-mq-n-5-a r = +.42 p < .001 Correlation with initial mood A-AB-mp-mqr-n-5-a r = +.32 p < .01 Correlation with 2 weeks average daily mood A-AB-mp-mqr-n-5-a b = + Correlation with CHANGE in mood, 2 weeks daily mood, controling initial mood
- positive among agentic motivated Ss
  (B = +.45 (01)
- no correlation among communal motivated Ss
A-AB-mp-mqr-n-5-a DM = Difference in average daily mood between Ss high and low on progress in agentic goals (1 SD above or below mean, means expressed in z-scores)
- high-progress Ss high on agentic motivation
  feel better
- low-progress Ss high on agentic motivation
  feel worse
- little difference in mood among Ss low in
  agentic motivation, irrespective of progress
  in agentic goals

All results similar for males and females