Correlational findings

Study Charness & Grosskopf (2001): study ES 1998

University students, Barcelona, Spain, 1998
N = 121
Non Response
0 %
Multiple assesment methods
Questionnaire and experiment


Authors's Label
Momentary happiness (MH)
Our Classification
Assessed after assigning roles in a partition experiment. Mood is slightly higher among Ss in passive role (6,45) than in active role (6,07)
MH = 6.26
Selfreport on single question:
"How do you feel right now? Check the one statement that best describes your average happiness.'
10 extremely happy (feeling ecstatic, joyous, fantastic)
9 very happy (feeling really good, elated)
8 pretty happy (spirits high, feeling good)
7 mildly happy (feeling fairly good and somewhat cheerful)
6 slightly happy (just a bit above neutral)
5    neutral (not particularly happy or unhappy)
4    slightly unhappy (just a bit below neutral)
3    mildly unhappy  (just a litle low)
2    pretty unhappy (somewhat "blue", spirits down)
1    very unhappy (depressed, spirits very low)
0    extremely unhappy (utterly depressed, completely down)

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AOL-g-sq-v-11-a rs = +.67 p < .000 Both questions rated on the same scale. The question on general happiness (GH) preceded the question about momentary happiness (MH)
Ss rate their general happiness higher than their current mood
GH = 6.945
MH = 6.26