Correlational findings

Study Ventegodt (1997): study DK 1993

31-33 aged, born at the university hospital, Denmark, 1993
N = 4626
Non Response:
Questionnaire: paper
Data were taken from the medical files of mothers and their babies


Authors's label
Illness in the first year of life
Our Classification
Illness in the first year of life as reported in medical file
1:no illness reported
2:one of the following ilnesses:
  2b: endocrine, dyschromosomal
  2c: cardio-vascular
  2d: central nervous system
  2e: skeleto-musculature, peripheral nerves
  2f: alimentary canal
  2g: urinary system
  2h: skin
  2i: lungs-bronchia-trachia
  2j: upper respiratory system, ears included
  2k: accident
  2l: other

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AOL-m-sq-v-5-a DMt = + 1:  Mt=7.68
2:  Mt=7.76
2b: Mt=8.33
2c: Mt=6.88
2d: Mt=7.83
2e: Mt=7.90
2f: Mt=7.76
2g: Mt=8.84
2h: Mt=7.65
2i: Mt=7.73
2j: Mt=7.79
2k: Mt=7.63
2l: Mt=7.78
O-SLu-c-sq-v-5-e DMt = + 1:  Mt=7.35
2:  Mt=7.42
2b: Mt=5.84
2c: Mt=6.88
2d: Mt=7.46
2e: Mt=7.90
2f: Mt=7.39
2g: Mt=8.21
2h: Mt=7.38
2i: Mt=7.36
2j: Mt=7.48
2k: Mt=7.23
2l: Mt=7.41
O-HL-c-sq-v-5-ha DMt = + 1:  Mt=6.98
2:  Mt=7.02
2b: Mt=6.66
2c: Mt=5.63
2d: Mt=7.11
2e: Mt=7.50
2f: Mt=7.09
2g: Mt=7.05
2h: Mt=6.99
2i: Mt=6.90
2j: Mt=7.06
2k: Mt=6.81
2l: Mt=7.09