Correlational findings

Study Ventegodt (1997): study DK 1993

31-33 aged, born at the university hospital, Denmark, 1993
N = 4626
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
Data were taken from the medical files of mothers and their babies


Authors's Label
Birth complications when born
Our Classification
only absolute frequencies are given
N 1:1645,   2b:116,   2c:44,   2d:28,   2e:11,   2f:483   2g:21,   2h:4,   2i:535,   2j:13,   2k:31,   2l:10,   2m:212,   2n:3985,   2o:124,   2p:4,   2q:211,   2r:312,   2s:20,   2t:14,   2u:274
Birth complications when born as reported in medical file
1:  no complications reported
2:  one of the following complications:
    2b: ruptured uterus
    2c: contracted pelvis
    2d: abruption of placenta
    2e: umbilical cord
    2f: other ambillical cord complications
    2g: preclampsia, severe degree
    2h: eclampsia
    2i: membrane rupture, during birth
    2j: ruptured cervix
    2k: puerperal fever
    2l: stormy labor
    2m: stimulation of labor because of secondary weak labor (orifice distended)
    2n: heart sound unaffected
    2o: heart sound unaffected, no intervention
    2p: heart sound affected, corrects itself after anesthesia
    2q: heart sound affected, delivered
    2r: discolored amniotic fluid
    2s: thick cloudy amniotic fluid
    2t: ill-smelling amniotic fluid
    2u: other

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AOL-m-sq-v-5-a DMt = - 1:  Mt=7.74
2:  Mt=7.72
2b: Mt=8.10
2c: Mt=7.50
2d: Mt=8.13
2e: Mt=8.41
2f: Mt=7.80
2g: Mt=8.21
2h: Mt=8.75
2i: Mt=7.66
2j: Mt=7.31
2k: Mt=8.15
2l: Mt=7.75
2m: Mt=7.73
2n: Mt=7.71
2o: Mt=7.80
2p: Mt=8.13
2q: Mt=7.85
2r: Mt=7.51
2s: Mt=7.25
2t: Mt=8.04
2u: Mt=7.73
O-SLu-c-sq-v-5-e DMt = + 1:  Mt=7.38
2:  Mt=7.41
2b: Mt=7.78
2c: Mt=7.56
2d: Mt=7.95
2e: Mt=7.50
2f: Mt=7.49
2g: Mt=8.10
2h: Mt=8.13
2i: Mt=7.30
2j: Mt=7.11
2k: Mt=7.66
2l: Mt=7.25
2m: Mt=7.71
2n: Mt=7.40
2o: Mt=7.38
2p: Mt=6.25
2q: Mt=7.46
2r: Mt=7.18
2s: Mt=7.63
2t: Mt=7.86
2u: Mt=7.39
O-HL-c-sq-v-5-ha DMt = + 1:  Mt=6.96
2:  Mt=7.02
2b: Mt=7.13
2c: Mt=7.39
2d: Mt=7.59
2e: Mt=7.95
2f: Mt=6.99
2g: Mt=7.38
2h: Mt=7.50
2i: Mt=7.00
2j: Mt=6.46
2k: Mt=6.69
2l: Mt=7.25
2m: Mt=7.06
2n: Mt=7.01
2o: Mt=6.88
2p: Mt=6.25
2q: Mt=7.08
2r: Mt=6.91
2s: Mt=7.10
2t: Mt=7.50
2u: Mt=7.06