Correlational findings

Study Ventegodt (1997): study DK 1993

31-33 aged, born at the university hospital, Denmark, 1993
N = 4626
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
Data were taken from the medical files of mothers and their babies


Authors's Label
Mother's exposure to radiation during 1st trimester of pregnancy
Our Classification
DMt is 1 vs 2 only absolute frequencies are given
N first trimester:   1:3972,   2:327,     2b:25,   2c:16,   2d:4,   2e:3,   2f:160,   2g:108,   2h:11
Mother's exposure to radiation during 1st trimester of pregnancy as reported in medical file
1:  no exposure
2:  one of the following
    2b: employed using X rays or isotopes
    2c: repeated survey or detailed examination
    2d: urinary system(urograph, pyelograph)
    2e: pelvis, hip joint
    2f: routine TB examination
    2g: thorax/other X ray examination
    2h: radiation treatment

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AOL-m-sq-v-5-a DMt = - during pregnancy   in first trimester
1:  Mt=7.74         1:  Mt=7.73
2:  Mt=7.54         2:  Mt=7.69
2b: Mt=8.00         2b: Mt=7.95
2c: Mt=8.44         2c: Mt=7.95
2d: Mt=8.13         2d: Mt=6.56
2e: Mt=7.50         2e: Mt=6.56
2f: Mt=7.68         2f: Mt=7.76
2g: Mt=7.18         2g: Mt=7.45
2h: Mt=6.36         2h: Mt=6.79
O-SLu-c-sq-v-5-e DMt = - during pregnancy   in the first trimester
1:  Mt=7.43        1:  Mt=7.41
2:  Mt=7.15        2:  Mt=7.34
2b: Mt=7.50        2b: Mt=7.50
2c: Mt=8.00        2c: Mt=7.65
2d: Mt=8.13        2d: Mt=7.19
2e: Mt=8.34        2e: Mt=7.00
2f: Mt=7.20        2f: Mt=7.34
2g: Mt=6.88        2g: Mt=7.14
2h: Mt=6.36        2h: Mt=6.79
O-HL-c-sq-v-5-ha DMt = - during pregnancy   in the first trimester
1:  Mt=7.04        1:  Mt=7.04
2:  Mt=6.71        2:  Mt=6.93
2b: Mt=7.10        2b: Mt=6.96
2c: Mt=7.04        2c: Mt=7.08
2d: Mt=6.25        2d: Mt=5.94
2e: Mt=6.66        2e: Mt=6.50
2f: Mt=6.73        2f: Mt=6.90
2g: Mt=6.58        2g: Mt=6.85
2h: Mt=6.59        2h: Mt=6.61