Correlational findings

Study Ventegodt (1995): study DK 1993

18-88 aged, general public, Denmark, 1993
N = 1494
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
Mailed questionnaire


Authors's Label
type of health problems
Our Classification
N: 1:1021,   b:104   c:114,   d:87,   e:61,   f:20,   g:39,   h:37,   i:40   j:101,   k:36,   l:38,   m:40,   n:55,   o:38,   p:13
Suffer a lot from these health problems:
a:  no severe inconvenience
b:  pain/discomfort shoulder/nape of neck
c:  pain/discomfort back/loin
d:  discomfort arms, legs, hip or joints
e:  headache
f:  palpitations
g:  nervousness, anxiety
h:  difficult sleeping or insomnia
i:  melancholy, depressed or unhappy
j:  tiredness
k:  stomach pain
l:  indigestion or diarrhoa/constipation
m:  eczhema, rash itching
n:  cold, head cold or cough
o:  breathing difficulties
p:  discomfort or problems in the internal female sexual organs

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AOL-m-sq-v-5-a DMt = a: Mt=8.20
b: Mt=6.59
c: Mt=6.63
d: Mt=6.46
e: Mt=6.51
f: Mt=5.00
g: Mt=4.30
h: Mt=4.86
i: Mt=3.44
j: Mt=5.86
k: Mt=5.21
l: Mt=5.79
m: Mt=6.89
n: Mt=6.91
o: Mt=5.26
p: Mt=5.81
All Mt=7.55
O-SLu-c-sq-v-5-e DMt = a: Mt=7.76
b: Mt=6.68
c: Mt=6.59
d: Mt=6.63
e: Mt=6.60
f: Mt=6.00
g: Mt=4.30
h: Mt=4.93
i: Mt=3.06
j: Mt=5.90
k: Mt=5.55
l: Mt=5.46
m: Mt=7.11
n: Mt=7.13
o: Mt=6.46
p: Mt=5.78
All Mt=7.29
O-HL-c-sq-v-5-ha DMt = a: Mt=7.18
b: Mt=6.56
c: Mt=6.30
d: Mt=6.59
e: Mt=6.39
f: Mt=5.75
g: Mt=4.55
h: Mt=4.86
i: Mt=3.44
j: Mt=6.05
k: Mt=5.86
l: Mt=5.74
m: Mt=6.38
n: Mt=6.64
o: Mt=6.35
p: Mt=6.15
All Mt=6.85