Correlational findings

Study Banziger & Roush (1983): study US 1978

Nursing home residents, Ohio, 198?
N = 40
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not rep
Interview: face-to-face


Authors's Label
invoking responsibility
Our Classification
In a nursing home  three groups were selected for a test for a responsibility inducing intervention.
1. Responsibility group. In a meeting the head administrator delivered a message of " caring for yourself, making your own decisions" They also got the responsibility for a bird feeder put up at their window,with the instruction: "when the food gets down, let us know"
2. Dependency group. In a meeting the head administrator delivered a dependency message: "your happiness is our responsibility"
3. Control group. They received no message at all.

Happiness was assessed 2 weeks prior to the interventions and 3 weeks after.

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks M-FH-?-sq-?-7-a DM = + p < .001 Selfrating responsibility group: pretest M=4.07, posttest M=5.42 A-CP-?-rdn-n-10-a DM = + p < .05 Staffrating responsibility group: pretest M=5,86, posttest M=7,43 M-FH-?-sq-?-7-a DM = - ns Selfrating dependency group: pretest M=3,61: posttest M=3,69. A-CP-?-rdn-n-10-a DM = - ns Staffrating dependency group: pretest M=4,92; posttest M=5,84 M-FH-?-sq-?-7-a DM = - ns Selfrating control group: pretest M=3,83; posttest M=3,67 A-CP-?-rdn-n-10-a DM = + p < .01 Staffrating control group: pretest M=4,50; posttest M=6,25