Findings on happiness in Headey (1981): study AU 1978

Author(s)Headey, B.
TitleThe Quality of Life in Australia.
SourceSocial Indicators Research, 1981, Vol. 9, 155 - 181
PublicAdults, general public, Australia, 1978
Collect period3
Survey nameNot available
SampleProbability sample (unspecified)
 National probability sample survey of Australians conducted by the Morgan Gallup Poll research centre in March 1978. The sample material the general population with respect to age, sex, income, occupation, education, work status and state of residence (deviation less than 3%) with slight (7%) overrepresentation of small town residents
Respondents N =679
Non Responsenot reported
AssesmentQuestionnaire: paper
General remarksThis publication is based on the same investigation reported in: Headey,B., and Wearing,A.J.; Australian's Priorities, Satisfactions and Well-being; Monograph in Public Policy Studies No. 4, 1981. Some of the data reported here can be found in that publication:
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question asked twice 'How do you feel about your life as a whole?' 1 terrible 2 very unhappy 3 unhappy 4 mostly dissatisfied 5 mixed feelings 6 mostly satisfied 7 pleased 8 very pleased 9 delighted
Author's labelLife-as-a-whole index
Page in publication159
RemarksSame questions asked at the beginning and after 15 minutes interview time, results averaged. Respondents in general scored higher the second time. 86.3% answered at the same or adjacent point on the scale
Finding used in
nation ranks
 On original range 1 - 9On range 0 - 10
Standard deviation1.20

Full textSelfreport on 10 questions: During the past few weeks, did you ever feel ....? (yes/no) A Particularly excited or interested in something? B So restless that you couldn't sit long in a chair? C Proud because someone complimented you on something you had done? D Very lonely or remote from other people? E Pleased about having accomplished something? F Bored? G On top of the world? H Depressed or very unhappy? I That things were going your way? J Upset because someone criticized you? Answer options and scoring: yes = 1 no = 0 Summation: -Positive Affect Score (PAS): A+C+E+G+I -Negative Affect Score (NAS): B+D+F+H+J -Affect Balance Score (ABS): PAS minus NAS Possible range: -5 to +5 Name: Bradburn's 'Affect Balance Scale' (standard version)
Author's labelBradburn's Affect Balance scale
Page in publication159
Finding used in
nation ranks
 On original range -5 - 5On range 0 - 10
Standard deviation2.00

Correlational findings

Author's labelSubject Code
Subject description
Assertiveness indexP05agAssertive
Assertiveness indexS02ad03Evaluation of aspects of self, also classified as above ↑
Family activitiesF02ag02Satisfaction with family
Family activitiesL03ad03bSatisfaction with leisure activities, also classified as above ↑
Friends indexF06ah04Satisfaction with friends
Friends indexS06ac04Satisfaction with personal contacts, also classified as above ↑
Fun and enjoymentL04ac01lPleasant (vs unpleasant)
Government indexP09ag01Attitudes to government
Handle problems indexC11ac01Satisfaction with own coping with life-change
Handle problems indexS02ae01dSatisfaction with self-realization, also classified as above ↑
Health indexH14af04Satisfaction with health
Health indexA02ad04gSatisfaction with physical activity, also classified as above ↑
HouseH22ae02Satisfaction with housing
Job indexW05adCurrent satisfaction with work
Life concernsL04ad02Satisfaction with multiple domains of life
Marriage indexM03ac03Satisfaction with marriage
Organisational involvement indexS07ac02Satisfaction with organizational participation
Other's moral qualities indexN01ac02Satisfaction with compatriots in nation
Other's moral qualities indexT04ab02Trust in people, also classified as above ↑
Other's moral qualities indexP05diTrusting, also classified as above ↑
Own moral qualities indexP05bzMoral
Own moral qualities indexS02ae01eSatisfaction with own morality, also classified as above ↑
Parents indexF01ad02Relations with parents
Privacy indexP05bmIndependent
Privacy indexI07af03Need for privacy, also classified as above ↑
Privacy indexF05ac02Satisfaction with freedom, also classified as above ↑
Privacy indexL04ad02Satisfaction with multiple domains of life, also classified as above ↑
Respect indexS10ac03Satisfaction with social support received
Respect indexS02ag01aSelf perceived recognition, also classified as above ↑
Safety from violence, theftV06adAttitudes to victimization
Safety from violence, theftL17ab02bSatisfaction with safety in vinicity, also classified as above ↑
Self-fulfillment indexL04agLife-adjustment inventories
Sex lifeS03ac03Satisfaction with sex-life
Spare time activitiesA02ad03Satisfaction with activity pattern
Spare time activitiesL03ad03bSatisfaction with leisure activities, also classified as above ↑
Standard of living indexI01af05eSatisfaction with standard of living
Suburb/neighborhoodL17ac01Attitude to vinicity
Suburb/neighborhoodL16ac03Satisfaction with local environment, also classified as above ↑
Work around the house indexH21ac01Satisfaction with household activities
Worries index (Anxiety index)W07ab01Amount of worrying
Worries index (Anxiety index)L06ab01Burden of current life-events, also classified as above ↑
Your childrenC04acAttitudes to characteristics of one's children
Your childrenC05abCurrent relation with one's children, also classified as above ↑