Findings on happiness in Noelle-Neumann (1977a): study XZ Germany West 1975 /3

Author(s)Noelle-Neumann, E.
TitlePolitik und Glück. (Politics and Happiness).
SourceBaier, H.;Ed.: "Freiheit und Sachzwang", West Deutscher Verlag, 1977, Opladen, Germany, 208 - 262
Public16+ aged, general public, West-Germany, 1975
Collect period7-8
Survey nameDE-Allensbacher Survey
 Allensbacher Archiv JFD-Umfrage nr 3017
SampleNot available
Respondents N =2028
Non ResponseNot available
AssesmentInterview: face-to-face
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textInterviewer-rating of cheerfulness: Altogether the respondent looks..... 2 quite cheerfull 1 not too cheerful - difficult to say Part of the 8 item Allensbacher Ausdrücktest which also involves ratings of cheerful appearance in: look, mouth, posture, movements, eyes, elbows and lips. This general rating is the last item in the test.
Author's labelCheerful appearance (Fröhlich Aussehen)
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