Findings on happiness in Noelle-Neumann (1974): study XZ Germany West 1973

Author(s)Noelle-Neumann, E.
TitleLebensfreude: Kein Thema für die Kirche? (Joy in Living: No Topic for the Church?)
SourceHerder Korrespondenz, 1974, Vol. 1, 41 - 47
Public16+ aged, general public, West-Germany, 1972
Collect period11
Survey nameNot available
 Allensberger Archiv, JfD-umfrage Nr 2098
SampleProbability systematic sample
Respondents N =2000
Non Responsenot reported
AssesmentInterview: face-to-face
General remarksSame study also reported in NOELL 1977
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textInterviewer-rating of cheerful appearance on 8 aspects A The look is 2) open 1) evasive - impossible to say B The corners of the mouth turn 2) up 1) down - impossible to say C The posture is 2) relaxed, at ease 1) rather tense - impossible to say D The movements are 2) relaxed, at ease 1) limited, withdrawn - impossible to say E The eyes are 2) big, open 1) small, screw up - impossible to say F The elbows are kept 2) not close to the body 1) close to the body - impossible to say G The lips are more 2) broad, full 1) thin, pent up - impossible to say H All in all the subject looks 2) quite cheerful 1) not very cheerful - difficult to say Scoring: sum of aspect ratings Name: `Allensbacher Ausdruckstest'
Author's labelPsychological wellbeing
Page in publication43
Remarks-very positive balance sumscore +5 or +4 (3) -somewhat positive balance sumscore +3 to +1 (2) -no positive balance sumscore 0 to -5 (1)
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Correlational findings

Author's labelSubject Code
Subject description
Church attendance , Catholics onlyR12ad02Participation in church