Findings on happiness in Oosterhof (2008): study NL 2005

Author(s)Oosterhof, S.F.
TitleMaakt Vrije Tijd Gelukkig? De Invloed van Vrije Tijd op Geluksbeleving van Nederlanders. (Does Leisure Time make You Happy? The Influence of Leisure Time on the Happiness Experience of the Dutch).
SourceMaster Thesis, Faculty Social Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2008, Netherlands
Public12+ aged, general public, The Netherlands, 2005
Survey nameNot available
 Dutch Time Use Survey
SampleProbability multi-stage cluster sample
Respondents N =2204
Non Response11%
AssesmentQuestionnaire: paper
 And content analysis of diaries.
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question To what extent do you consider yourself a happy person....? 5 very happy 4 happy 3 neither happy nor unhappy 2 not very happy 1 unhappy
RemarksDistribution in %: Unhappy = 8.5% Happy = 67% Very happy = 24,5% Mean = 2.16
Finding used in
nation ranks

Correlational findings

Author's labelSubject Code
Subject description
Amount of free timeL03abCurrent leisure time
Amount of free timeT01ab03Perceived time-pressure, also classified as above ↑
Amount of hours of active hobbiesL03ac02eHobbies
Amount of hours televisionL03ac02lTv watching, radio listening
Culture participationC14abCurrent cultural participation
Do nothing and relaxL03acCurrent leisure activity
EducationE01ab02Level of school-education
Employment situationE02abCurrent employment status
Employment situationR14abCurrent status: retired or not, also classified as above ↑
Employment situationS01ac01aInvolved in schooling or not, also classified as above ↑
Family stageC03ab02Children in the household
Family stageH20abCurrent household-composition, also classified as above ↑
Family stageM02aaMarried state (compared to non-married states), also classified as above ↑
GenderG01aaSex (male vs female)
Go outL03ac02bEating/drinking out
HealthH14ab02aGlobal health rating
Reading booksL03ac02hReading
Reading newspapers and magazinesL03ac02hReading
Satisfaction with use of free timeL03ad03bSatisfaction with leisure activities
Satisfied with amount of free timeL03ad03aSatisfaction with time for leisure
Social contactsS06abCurrent contacts
Social participationL03ac02mVoluntary work
SportS12abCurrent sporting
StressM15ac15Feeling tranquil (vs restless)
StressT01ab03Perceived time-pressure, also classified as above ↑
Urban living environmentL13ab02bRural vs urban dwelling
Use of computer and internetA02ac04Internet use
Use of computer and internetL03ac02fInternet, social media, also classified as above ↑
Use of computer and internetI04ab03aTime on internet, also classified as above ↑
Use of computer and internetT01ad04Time spend on internet, also classified as above ↑