Findings on happiness in Guven (2009b): study DE 1984

Author(s)Guven, C.
TitleWeather and Financial Risk-Taking: Is Happiness the Channel?
SourceSOEP Paper No. 218, 2009, Berlin, Germany
Public18+ aged, households' heads, Germany, 1984-2006
Last assesment2006
Survey nameDE-SOEP
SampleSampling not reported
Respondents N =21000
Non ResponseNot available
AssesmentQuestionnaire: paper
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question: Taking all things together, how satisfied are you with your life these days? Please answer with the help of this scale. For instance, when you are totally satisfied with your life, please tick '10'. When you are totally unsatisfied with your life, please tick '0'. You may use all values in between to indicate that you are neither totally satisfied nor totally unsatisfied." 10 totally satisfied 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 totally unsatisfied
Author's labelHappiness
Page in publication9
RemarksFull distribution not reported. On a 1-5 scale, the Mean = 3,8
Finding used in
nation ranks

Correlational findings

Author's labelSubject Code
Subject description
AgeA04abCurrent age (in years)
ChildrenC03ab01Number of children
Desire to move (to another state in Germany)M09ac02Want to move
EducationE01ab03Educational specialization
EducationS01ac01aInvolved in schooling or not, also classified as above ↑
EducationE01ab02Level of school-education, also classified as above ↑
EducationS01aa01cbSchool drop out, also classified as above ↑
GenderG01aaSex (male vs female)
Health statusH14ab02Self-perceived health
Household sizeH20ab03Number of persons in household
IncomeI01abCurrent income level (unspecified)
Investment behaviorP12ab03Debts
Investment behaviorP12ab04Insurances, also classified as above ↑
Investment behaviorP12ab05Savings, also classified as above ↑
Labor force statusE02abCurrent employment status
Labor force statusE02ad01Full-time vs part-time, also classified as above ↑
Labor force statusS01ac01aInvolved in schooling or not, also classified as above ↑
Marital statusM02aaMarried state (compared to non-married states)
Regional sunshineN05ab03Climate
Satisfaction with dwellingH22ae02Satisfaction with housing
Satisfaction with environmentN05ac02Satisfaction with natural environment
Satisfaction with healthH14af04Satisfaction with health
Satisfaction with houseworkH21ac01Satisfaction with household activities
Satisfaction with incomeI01af05aSatisfaction with income
Satisfaction with leisureL03ad03Satisfaction with leisure
Satisfaction with workW05ad01Satisfaction with work-as-a-whole
SmokingS13ab08Use of tobacco
Spouse in native countryM03ab09Living with spouse