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This collection of correlational findings provides a well accessible view on the available research findings on concomitants of happiness. As such it can add to the understanding of happiness, which is required for the informed pursuit of happiness.The collection can be used for:

1) Orientation on the field: Seeing what has been done, identifying white spots

2) Research synthesis. The collection prepares for research synthesis, by gathering and homogenizing the available findings. Reporting synthetic studies is facilitated by the use of links to its online finding pages, which allows condensed presentation of many findings in a few tabular overviews while providing access to detail. The collection is also used for orientation on the field.

3) Theory development

The collection is mainly used by scholars. By 1-1-2020 the WDH website had attracted 1.363.906 visitors (since 1998), 3.500 citations in Google Scholar and 547 mentions in international news media (Nexis Uni count)

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