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Since the 1960s, a call for greater happiness has instigated a considerable stand of empirical research on happiness, which has not yet crystallized in a sound body of knowledge. Reasons for this shortfall are: conceptual confusion, incomparable presentation and scattered reports.

The new technique of a ‘findings archive’ is used to deal with these problems. The archive focusses on happiness in the sense of ‘life-satisfaction’ and stores research findings yielded with valid measures of that concept. Findings are described in a standard format and terminology on electronic ‘finding pages’, which each have a separate internet address. Finding pages are organized in ‘collections’, from which ‘reports’ are generated.

This collection of Correlational Findings is one of four corpuses in the World Database of Happiness and provides an overview of things that have been observed to go together with more or less happiness. This collection differs from common practices in research compilation and prepares for quantitative research synthesis.

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