Abstract chapter 4 of Introductory text to the Bibliography of Happiness


Publications included in this bibliography are described on the following features:

Scientific discipline

  • Philosophy
  • Life science
  • Social sciences. Most publications on happiness come from the social sciences

Subject matter
A detailed subject classification is used for typifying the main topics addressed in the publication. The main subject categories are:

  • Study of happiness
  • Concept of happiness
  • Measurement of happiness
  • Modes of empirical happiness research
  • Prevalence of happiness
  • Correlates of happiness
  • Determinants of happiness
  • Consequences of happiness
  • Pursuit of happiness
  • Views on happiness:

Type of document

  • Treatise
  • Policy paper
  • Literature review
  • Report of an empirical study
    Most titles in this Bibliography are reports of empirical studies

Measure(s) of happiness used

  • Time frame: past, present, future
  • Variant of happiness measured: overall happiness, hedonic level, contentment
  • Validity: whether at least one of these measures validly taps our concept of happiness as the subjective enjoyment of one’s life-as-a-whole

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