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Bibliographic subject: Models in proverbs

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VIEWS ON HAPPINESS: Views on happiness in public opinion Models of happiness Models in proverbs
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Models in proverbs,adage, saying, common wisdom

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Authors Title / Source Year Girardi, G. What Brings Us Happiness? A New Approach in Economics which Considers the Wisdom of Proverbs and Religions.
Discussion Paper International Conference on Happiness in Global Perspectives & Local Interpretations: The Implication to Alternative Development Paradigm and Public Policy, July 2007, Bangkok, Thailand
Shkurko, Y.S. Cross-Cultural Study of Representatians os Happiness in Russian and American Proverbns: Search for Points of Comtact with hofstede's Dimension
Academic periodical Journal (Language and Culture), 2014, N0 3, Tomsk State University, Russia