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Bibliographic subject: Training for coping with care tasks

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PURSUIT of HAPPINESS Observed effects on happiness of interventions at individual level Psycho-education Training for coping with care tasks
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Training for coping with care tasks,helping
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Authors Title / Source Year Hébert, R.; Ducharme, F.; Gendron, C.; Gendron, M. Le Programme "Apprendre à être Mieux Aider" à l' Intention des Aidants Familiaux d'un Parent atteint de Démence vivant à Domicile. (The Programme "Learning to Feel Better"...and Care Better).
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Damreihani, N.; Behzadipour, S.; Bordbar, M.; Haghpanh, S. The Effectiveness of Positive Psychology Intervention on the Well-Being, Meaning, and Life Satisfaction of Mothers of Children with Cancer: A brief Report
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