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Bibliographic subject: Self-compassion training

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PURSUIT of HAPPINESS Observed effects on happiness of interventions at individual level Happiness trainings Positive thinking training Self-compassion training
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Self-compassion training,
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Authors Title / Source Year Neff, K.D.; Germer, C.K. A Pilot Study and Randomized Controlled Trial of the Mindful Self-Compassion Program
Journal of Clinical Psychology, 2013, Vol. 69, 28 - 44
Mongrain, M.; Chin, J.M.; Shapira, L.B. Practicing Compassion Increases Happiness and Self-Esteem
Journal of Happiness Studies, 2011, Vol. 12, 963 - 981
Smeets, E.; Alberts, H.J.E.M.; Neff, K.D. Meeting Suffering With Kindness: Effects of a Brief Self-Compassion Intervention for Female College Students
Journal of Clinical Psychology, 2014, Vol. 70, 794 - 807