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PREVALENCE of HAPPINESS Level of happiness
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Level of happiness, average, degree, mean
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Publications that report an empirical study that used a valid measure of happiness, the results of which are eligible for inclusion in the findings archive

No empirical study reported
No valid measure of happiness used
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Eligible and included in findings archive (embedded studies)

List of Publications on this Subject

Authors Title / Source Year Kilpatrick, F.P.; Cantril, H. Self-Anchoring Scaling: A Measure of Individuals' Unique Reality Worlds.
Journal of Individual Psychology, 1960, Vol. 16, 158 - 173
Youth Affairs Administration, The Japanese Youth in Comparison with the Youth of the World: A Summary of the Third World Youth Survey.
Prime Ministers' Office, 1984, Tokyo, Japan
Cummins, R.A. The Second Approximation to an International Standard for Life Satisfaction.
Social Indicators Research, 1998, Vol. 43, 307 - 334
Layard, R.; Clark, A.E.; Senik, C. The Causes of Happiness and Misery
In: Helliwell et al. World Happiness Report 2012 Earth Institute, Columbia University, 2012, New York, USA; Chapter 3.
Veenhoven, R. Onbehagen in het Paradijs. (Discontent in Paradise).
Essay, Stuy Guide of Hovo Erasmus University 2011/2012, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 30 - 33