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MEASUREMENT of HAPPINESS Phenomenology of happiness
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Phenomenology of happiness, lived experience, mental gestalt of happiness
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Publications that report an empirical study that used a valid measure of happiness, the results of which are eligible for inclusion in the findings archive

No empirical study reported
No valid measure of happiness used
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List of Publications on this Subject

Authors Title / Source Year Deutsch, H. Uber Zufriedenheit, Glück und Ekstase. (On Contentment, Happiness and Ecstasy).
Internationale Zeitschrift für Psychoanalyse, 1927, Vol. 13, 410 - 419
Farmer, C. Words and Feelings: A Developmental Study of the Language of Emotion in Children.
PhD Dissertation, Columbia University, 1967, USA
Linder, G.A. Das Problem des Glücks: Psychologische Untersuchungen über die menschliche Glückseligkeit. (The Problem of Happiness: Psychological Research on Peoples Felicity).
Carl Gerald's Sohn, 1968, Vienna, Austria
Mayer, W. Zur Phänomenologie abnormaler Glücksgefühle. (On Fenomenology of the Abnormal Feeling of Happiness).
Zeitschrift für Pathopsychologie, 1914, Vol. 2, 588
Privette, G. Peak Experience, Peak Performance and Flow: A Comparative Analysis of Positive Human Experiences.
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1983, Vol. 45, 1361 - 1368
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Doctoral Dissertation, Leiden University, 1923, Netherlands
Scott, E.M. Happiness: Protocols of Teenagers.
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