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Bibliographic subject: Cardinal treatment of ordinal measurement

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MEASUREMENT of HAPPINESS Measurability of happiness Measurement problems Cardinal treatment of ordinal measurement
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Cardinal treatment of ordinal measurement,equidistance

List of Publications on this Subject

Authors Title / Source Year Schroeder, C. Revisiting the Evidence for a Cardinal treatment of Ordinal Variables.
SOEP Papers, 2015, No. 772, 1 - 28, Berlin, Germany
Kristoffersen, I. The Metrics of Subjective Wellbeing Data: An Empirical Evaluation of the Ordinal and Cardinal Comparability of Life Satisfaction Scores.
Social indicators Research, 2017, Vol. 130, 845 - 865
Chen, L.Y.; Oparina, E.; Powdthavee, N; Srisuma, S. Have Econometric Analyses of Happiness Data Been Futile? A Simple Truth About Happiness Scales
Working Paper, 2019, arXiv:1902.07696v1, Cornell University, Economics, N.Y, USA