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Bibliographic subject: Happiness of other people in neighborhood

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CORRELATES OF HAPPINESS Situational correlates of happiness Societal context: Neighborhood correlates of happiness Happiness of other people in neighborhood
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Happiness of other people in neighborhood,lhappy surrounding
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Authors Title / Source Year Fukushima, S.; Takemura, K.; Uchida, Y. Not Individual-level but Community-level Social Capital Fosters Interconnectedness of Happiness among People: A Multilevel Analysis of Community Survey Data in Japan.
Survey Study, 2015, funded by MEXTJSPS KAKENHI, number 26380842, Japan
Rukumnuaykit, P.; Pholphirul, P. Happiness from Social Capital: An Investigation from Micro Data in Rural Thailand
Community Development, 42016, Vol. 47, 562 - 573