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Bibliographic subject: Use of anti-depressives in nation

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CORRELATES OF HAPPINESS Situational correlates of happiness Societal context: National setting Nation characteristics Livability of nation Apparent livability Mental health in nation Depression in nation Use of anti-depressives in nation
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Use of anti-depressives in nation,medication, medicine
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Authors Title / Source Year Tavares, A.I. Revisiting the Inactivity - (un) Happiness Relationship, a Cross-Country Exploratory Analysis.
MPRA Working Paper, 2015, No. 67371, 1 - 20
Antolini, F. The Evolution of National Accounting and New Statistical Information: Happiness and Gross Domestic Product, Can We Measure It?
Social Indicators Research, 2016 , Vol.129, 1075 - 1092