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Bibliographic subject: Valuation of work in nation

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CORRELATES OF HAPPINESS Situational correlates of happiness Societal context: National setting Nation characteristics Culture in the nation Values in nation Valuation of work in nation
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Valuation of work in nation,Protestant ethic, work value
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Authors Title / Source Year Stavrova, O.; Fetchenhauer, D.; Schlösser, T. Are the Unemployed Equally Unhappy all around the World? The Role of the Social Norms to Work and Welfare State Provision in 28 OECD Countries.
Journal of Economic Psychology, 2011, Vol. 32, 159 - 171
Roex, K.; Rözer, J. The Social Norm to Work and the Well-Being of the Short- and Long-Term Unemployed
Social Indicators Research, 2018, Vol. 139, 1037-1064