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CORRELATES OF HAPPINESS Situational correlates of happiness Individual circumstances Social status of more and less happy people Minority status Homeless
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Homeless,bum, vagrant, street child
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Authors Title / Source Year Salize, H.J.; Dillmann-Lange, C.; Horst, A.; Killmann, U. Wie beurteilen psychisch Kranke Wohnungslose ihre Lebensqualität? (How do Mentaly Ill Homeless People their Quality of Life?)
Psychiatrische Praxis, 2001, Vol. 28, 75 - 80
Wolf, J.; Burnam, A.; Koegel, P.; Morton, S.; Sullivan, G. Changes in Subjective Quality of Life among Homeless Adults who Obtain Housing: A Prospective Examination.
Social Psychiatry & Psychiatric Epidemiology, 2001, Vol. 36, 391 - 398