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CORRELATES OF HAPPINESS Situational correlates of happiness Individual circumstances Occurrences Recent life-events Individual life events Major life events Medical treatment Treatments Medication
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Medication,drug, pharmacology
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Authors Title / Source Year Jatoi, A.; Sloan, J.A.; Yamashita, J.I Does Megestrol Acetate Down-Regulate Interleukin-6 in Patients with Cancer-Associated Anorexia and Weight Loss? A North Central Cancer Treatment Group Investigation.
Support Care Cancer, 2002, Vol. 10, 71 - 75
Loprinzi, C.L.; Barton, D.L.; Sloan, J.A. Pilot Evaluation of Gabapentin for Treating Hot Flashes.
Mayo Clinic Proc. 2002, Vol. 77, 1159 - 1163