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Outbreak COVID-19 epidemic, lockdown, corona, pandemic, epidemic
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Authors Title / Source Year Lu, H.; Nie, P.; Qian, L Do Quarantine Experiences and Attitudes Towards COVID-19 Affect the Distribution of Psychological Outcomes in China? A Quantile Regression Analysis
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Working Paper, 2021, UCD Centre for Economic Research, Dublin
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Gallup Report on Well-Being, May 18, 2020
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Collabra: Psychology, 2020, Vol. 6, art.37
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ABS - Australian Bureau of Statistics, General Social Survey: Summary results Australia
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IZA Discussion Paper, 2020, No. 13702, Institute of Labor Economics, Bonn
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European Societies, 2020, online, 1 - 15
DeNeve, J.E.; Clark, A.E.; Krekel, C.; Layard, R. Taking a Wellbeing Years Approach to Policy Choice. Decisions about Lockdown Should Consider People’s Wellbeing As A Guide
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Layard, R.; Clark, A.E.; DeNeve, J.E.; Krekel, C. When to Release the Lockdown: A Wellbeing Framework for Analysing Costs and Benefits
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Botha, F.; DeNew, J.P. COVID-19 Infections, Labour Market Shocks, and Subjective Well-Being
Working Paper, 2020, Nr. 14/20, Melbourne Institute. Melbourne, Australia
Sarracino, F.; Greyling, T.; O'Connor, K.J.; Peroni, C.; Rossouw, S. A Year of Pandemic: Levels, Changes and Validity of Well-Being Data from Twitter. Evidence from Ten Countries
GLO Discussion Paper, 2021, No. 831, Global Labor Organization (GLO), Essen
Buzaud, J.; Diter, K.; Grimault-Leprince, A.; Martin, C. Les Effets Inégaux de la Crise Sanitaire et du Confinement sur le Bien-être des Lycéennes (The Unequal Effects of the Coronavirus Crisis and of Lockdown Measures on the Wellbeing of High School Students)
Sciences & Bonheur, 2021, Vol. 6, 55 - 79

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