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Bibliographic subject: Unemployment of parent

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CORRELATES OF HAPPINESS Situational correlates of happiness Individual circumstances Occurrences Life-history Happiness and Earlier Living Conditions Conditions in childhood Social status in childhood Unemployment of parent
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Unemployment of parent,job loss
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Authors Title / Source Year Nikolova, M.; Nikolaev, B. Family Matters: Involuntary Parental Unemployment During Childhood and Subjective Well-Being Later in Life.
Discussion Paper, 2018, Global Labor Organization, Maastrcht, Netherlands
Frasquilho, D.; DeMatos, M.G.; Neville, F.G. Parental Unemployment and Youth Life Satisfaction: The Moderating Roles of Satisfaction with Family Life
Journal of Child and Family Studies, 2016, Vol. 25, 3214 - 3219