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Bibliographic subject: Attitudes to safety

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CORRELATES OF HAPPINESS Personal correlates of happiness Psychological characteristics Views Attitudes Attitudes to safety
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Attitudes to safety,out of danger, secure, threat
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Authors Title / Source Year Wills-Herrera, E.; Forero-Pineda, C.; Orozco, L.E. The Relationship between Perception of Insecurity, Social Capital and Subjective Well-Being: Empirical Evidences from Areas of Rural Conflict in Colombia.
Journal of Socio-Economics, 2011, Vol. 40, 88 - 96
Gonzalez-Carrasco, M.; Ben-Arieh, A.; Casas, F.; Savahl, S. Children's Perspectives and Evaluations of Safety in Diverse Settings and Their Subjective Well-Being: A Multi-National Approach.
Applied Research in Quality of Life, 2018, online,