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Bibliographic subject: Self-compassion

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CORRELATES OF HAPPINESS Personal correlates of happiness Psychological characteristics Personality Self-concept Self-compassion
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Self-compassion,self acceptance
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Authors Title / Source Year Wei, Meifen; Ku, Tsun-Yao; Schaffer, Phillip A; Yu-Hsin Liao, Kelly Attachment, Self-compassion, Empathy and Subjective Wellbeing among College Students and Community Adults
Journal of Personality, vol. 79, nr. 1pp. 191-212
Greene, D.C.; Britton, P.J. Predicting Adult LGBTQ Happiness: Impact of Childhood Affirmation, Self-Compassion, and Personal Mastery
Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, 2015, Vol. 9, 158-179
Ott, A.; Regli, D.; Znoj, H. Minoritätenstress und soziale Unterstützung: Eine Online-Untersuchung zum Wohlbefinden von Trans*Personen in der Schweiz (Minority Stress and Social Support: An Online Investigation to the Wellbeing of Transgenders in Switzerland)
Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung, 2017, Vol. 30, 138 - 160