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Aggression,anger, intentional harm
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Authors Title / Source Year Ronen, T.; Abuelaish, I.; Rosenbaum, M. Predictors of Aggression among Palestinians in Israel and Gaza: Happiness, Need to Belong, and Self-Control.
Children and Youth Services Review, 2013, Vol. 35, 47 - 55
Agbaria, Q.; Natur, N. The Relationship between Violence in The Family and Adolescents Aggression: The Mediator Role of Self-Control, Social Support, Religiosity, and Well-Being
Children and Youth Services Review, 2018, Vol. 91, 447 - 456
Orkibi, H.; Ronen, T. A Dual‑Pathway Model Linking Self‑Control Skills to Aggression in Adolescents: Happiness and Time Perspective as Mediators
Journal of Happiness Studies, 2019, Vol. 20, 729 - 742