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Bibliographic subject: Locked-in syndrome (LIS) ICD10 code: G83.5

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CORRELATES OF HAPPINESS Personal correlates of happiness Physical characteristics Physical health Particular disease Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue Locked-in syndrome (LIS) ICD10 code: G83.5
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Locked-in syndrome (LIS) ICD10 code: G83.5,paralysis, pseudo coma
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Authors Title / Source Year Bruno, M.A.; Bernheim, J.L.; Ledoux, D. A survey on Self-Assessed Well-Being in a Cohort of Chronic Locked-in Syndrome Patients: Happy Majority, Miserable Minority.
British Medical Journal, Open Accessible Medical Research, 2011, No. 39, Vol. 1
Doble, J.E.; Anderson, D. Impairment, Acivity, Participation, Life Satisfaction,and Survival in Persons with Locked-in Syndrome for over a Decade: Follow-up on a Previously reported Cohort.
Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 2008, Vol. 18, 435 - 444