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Bibliographic subject: Happiness and Political Behavior

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CORRELATES OF HAPPINESS Behavioral correlates of happiness Happiness and Political Behavior
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Happiness and Political Behavior,

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Authors Title / Source Year Pirralha, A. The Relationship between Political Participation and Life Satisfaction: Causal and Contextual Analysis.
Doctoral Thesis, 2015, University Pompeu Fabra, 1 - 133, Barcelona, Spain
Dolan, P.; Metcalfe, R.; Powdthavee, N Electing Happiness: Does Happiness Affect Voting and do Elections Affect Happiness?
The University of York, 2008, No. 30, 1 - 25, London & York, United Kingdom
MacCulloch, R.J. How Political Systems and Social Welfare Policies Affect Well-Being: A Literature Review.
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