The World Database of Happiness is an ongoing register of scientific research on the subjective enjoyment of life. It brings together findings that are scattered throughout many studies and provides a basis for synthetic work. The Database consists of the following interrelated collections, the interconnections of which are visualized on a flow chart

Happiness Bibliography
Covers all contemporary scientific publications. Involves a detailed subject-classification. The bibliography can be browsed by first author, subject, and title. The related Directory of Happiness Investigators provides the addresses of most authors.

Measures of Happiness
Covers all indicators that tap happiness as defined here, mostly single questions. For each item it presents thefull text and links to studies that use the measure. Measures are classified by focus, time reference, mode of observation, rating, and wording.

Happiness in Nations
Presents responses to questions on happiness in national survey studies, that is: 'distributional findings. Allows trends analysis.

Correlational Findings on Happiness
Presents abstracts of correlational research findings. Detailed subject-classification. Allows comparison through time and across nations.

Happiness in Publics

Presents both distributional and correlational findings on happiness in special groups, such as students or the elderly.

Data sets States of Nations and Trends in Nations'
Nation level data from the above catalogs combined with background information on nations, such as economic development and economic growth. Available on SPSS file. Codebook on this site.

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