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This Item Bank lists measures of happiness, mostly single direct questions. These measures are classified by conceptual focus, timeframe, mode of observation and rating scale. The Item bank provides to the studies that used these measures. On this site, the Item Bank can be searched in the following ways:

Search on technical attributes of happiness measures
Click on 'search items by attribute'. You will then get to a page named 'search items' on which you can search in the following ways:

Search on publics in which these measures have been used
On this site you can also see what measures have been used in earlier studies among particular publics. If, for example, you plan a study on the happiness of mentally handicapped persons, you can click the category 'Retarded' (under Intelligence) and a list of studies among retarded people appears on which you can see what measures of happiness have been used.

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This website is fed by a database in Ms-Acces, which is available on request (order). In this source you can further search on:

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