What is this data file ‘States of Nations?


  • Facilitation of cross-national analysis of happiness


  • Nations in which the distribution of happiness is assessed by means of general population surveys

Coverage at 1-7-2020

  • 155 nations
  • 1945 – 2020


  • Characteristics of nations
      –   Economy
      –   National character
      –   Demography
      –   etc……
  • Happiness in nations
      –  Distribution of happiness
          –  Average level of happiness, measured by means
          –  Inequality in happiness, measured by standard deviations
      –  Distribution of happiness derivates
           –  Happy life-years (0-1 happiness x life-expectancy)
           –  Equality adjusted happiness (index of mean and standard deviation)
           –  Change average happiness over periodes of 10, 20, 30 and 40 years
      –  Correlates of happiness (concomittants)
           –  r happiness – age
           –  r happiness – income
           –  etc…….

    The list of variables can be browsed on this site

Data file

  • The data are stored in an SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) or Excel. This file is free available on request. See user-information.

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States of Nations: Data file for the cross-national analysis of happiness
World Database of Happiness, Erasmus University Rotterdam
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