Studies among selected public: Young adults

Number of studies14
Additional keywords20-30 aged

ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Bond et al. (0): study ZZ World samples 2005
Religion and the Life Satisfaction of Young Persons around the World: Personal Values and Societal Context
15-24 aged, 43 nations, 2005-2008
Cowan et al. (1998): study US 1993
Women's Hostility Toward Women.
Heterosexual women college psychology students USA 199?
Ek et al. (2008): study FI Northern Finland 1997
Psychosocial Factors as Mediators between Migration and Subjective Well-Being among Young Finnish Adults.
31-aged general public, Finland, 1997-1998
Enrique et al. (2018): study ES 2015
Efficacy of An Adaptation of The Best Possible Self Intervention Implemented Through Positive Technology: A Randomized Control Trial
Young adults participating in a happiness training, Spain, 201?
Javaloy-Mazon (2008): study ES 2008
Bienestar y Felicidad de la Juventud Espanola. (Wellbeing and Happiness of Spanish Youth).
15-29 aged, young adults, Spain, 2006
Konwicka (1976): study ZZ Europe 1967
Homology of Predictions and Wishes.
15-40 aged, 6 european countries,
Lee et al. (2002): study US 1997
Developing a Subjective Measure of Consumers Well-Being.
18+ aged, students, USA, 199?
Matthews & Ornauer (1976): study IN Uttar Pradesh 1968
The Year 2000 Questionnaire and the Marginals in 11 Nations.
Well educated, India, 1968
Sumnall & Bellis (2010): study ZZ 2010
A Choise between fun for Health? Relationships between Nightlife Substance Use, Happiness, and Mental Well-Being.
16-35 aged night scene public, 9 European cities, 2008
VanBeuningen & Dewitt (2016): study NL 2015
Welzijn van Jongeren: Geluk en Tevredenheid met het Leven onder Jongeren van 12 tot 25 Jaar. (Well-Being among Youngsters: Happiness and Satisfaction with Life among younsters aged 12 - 25)
12-25 aged, general public, Netherlands, 2015.
Wiberg (1976a): study ZZ 1967
Replication on a Youth Group: The Students.
students, 5 western nations, 1967-1970, Germany,Great Britain, New Zealand, Sweden, USA.
~CBS (2017): study NL 2013
Jaarrapport 2017 Landelijke Jeugdmonitor
18-25 aged, Netherlands 2013-2016
~CBS (2017): study NL 2016
Jaarrapport 2017 Landelijke Jeugdmonitor
18-25 aged, Netherlands, 2016
~Youth and QOL Survey (2005): study ES 1998
Youth and Quality of Life Survey in Spain
Young adults, Spain, 1998