World Database of Happiness, collection Happiness in Nations

Distributional findings on happines in Multiple nations: East-West pairs

Eastern vs Western nations

Measure type: 31B   9-step numeral Best-Worst possible life

Here you have a ladder of nine rungs representing different conditions of life in which a person may possibly be. The top of the ladder '9' represents the best possible condition one may think of, and the bottom '1' represents the worst possible condition. On which rung do you think you stand at present with regard to your personal condition?
- 9 best possible
- . .
- . .
- 1 worst possible
Details Measure code Year On original range
0 - 9
On range
0 - 10
Mean SD Mean SD


Cite as: R. Veenhoven, Distributional findings on Happiness in Multiple nations (ZZ), region East-West pairs, World Database of Happiness, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
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