Findings on Happiness and PERFORMANCE

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
P01PERFORMANCE0achievement, success
See also B03ac01b Strength
See also Main subject: C08 COMPETENCES
See also Main subject: H02 HANDICAP
See also Main subject: H13 HEALTH: MENTAL
See also Main subject: H14 HEALTH: PHYSICAL
P01aaPerformance career0
P01aa01Earlier performance0made carreer
See also S05ab02a Over/under-achievement
P01aa02Change in performance0
P01aa03Later performance0
P01abCurrent performance0
P01ab01Daily life tasks1ADL, disability
See also H14ac Current functional health
See also Main subject: H21 HOUSEHOLD: WORK
P01ab02Intellectual performance0
See also C08ab03 Intellectual competences
See also Main subject: I03 INTELLIGENCE
P01ab03School performance147school succes, grades
See also S01ac02 School-success
P01ab04Sports performance0champion, winning
See also N13ab07 Success in sports of nation
See also S12ab05 Performance in sports
P01ab05Work performance0productivity
See also Main subject: W06 WORK: PERFORMANCE
P01acAttitudes to performance0
See also P05ab Ambitious