Findings on Happiness and NATION: LIFESTYLE

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
N08NATION: LIFESTYLE0behaviour, way of life
See also Main subject: L09 LIFE STYLE
N08aaDevelopment of lifestules in onr's nation0culture change, custom, way of life
See also Main subject: N06 NATION: HISTORY
N08abCurrent life-style in nation0
N08ab01Art of living in nation0hedonic capacity
N08ab01aHedonism in nation0pleasure seeking
See also N02ab06c Hedonic values in nation
See also V02aa01a Happiness, pleasure (hedonic values)
N08ab01bInterest in life in nation0involvement
See also Main subject: I05 INTERESTS
See also P05bq Interested
N08ab02Health behaviour in nation0
See also Main subject: H12 HEALTH: BEHAVIOR
See also H14af Attitudes to own health
N08ab02aAlcohol consumption in nation1alcoholism, drinking
See also S13ab01 Use of alcohol
N08ab02bNutrition in nation5eating, food preference, malnutrition
See also Main subject: N15 NUTRITION
N08ab02cSmoking in nation1
N08ab02dSun protection in nation1
See also H12ab Current healthy life-style
N08ab03Sporting in nation1
See also N13ab07 Success in sports of nation
See also Main subject: S12 SPORTS
N08ab04Time regime in nation0punctuality, time use
See also Main subject: T01 TIME
N08ab04aPace of life in nation2speed of life, time stress
See also N14ab04 Modernity of nation
N08acAttitudes to life-style in nation0