Findings on Happiness and CONSUMPTION

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
C10CONSUMPTION0money spending
See also L12ab04ar Shops in vinicity
C10aaDeverlopment of one's consumption0
See also Main subject: L08 LIFE HISTORY
C10aa01Earlier consumption0
C10aa02Change in consumption6
C10aa02aChange in consumer competence0
See also C08aa02 Change in competences
C10aa02bConsuming less0reduction, economize, cut
See also L09ab02a Alternative life style
C10aa02baSpend less on food1
See also C10ab03j Food
See also N15ab02 How much one spends on eating
C10aa02bbSpend less on luxury1
See also C10ab03h Luxury
C10aa02bcSpend less on medication1health expense
See also C10ab03e Health
See also H17af07 Medication
C10aa02bdSpend less on stimulants1
See also C10ab03d Experiences
See also C10ab03m Stimulants
C10aa02beSpend less on utilities1
See also C10ab03p Utilities
C10aa02cConsuming more0indulgence
C10aa02dConsuming different0
C10aa03Later consumption level0
C10abCurrent consumption1spending
See also P12ab05 Savings
C10ab01Consumer competence0ability
See also Main subject: E01 EDUCATION
C10ab02Consumption level3affluence, standard of living
See also I01ac04 Material standard of living
See also L09ab Current life-style
See also L12ab05a Consumption in vinicity
C10ab02aAbsolute level12amount of spending
C10ab02bRelative level to others4realtive spending
See also C10ab04d Positional goods
See also I01ae Relative income
C10ab02cRelative to income2income-consumption ratio, saving, overspending
See also C10ae Control over consumption
See also I01ac03 Being able to save
See also P12ab05 Savings
C10ab03Expenditures on..3
C10ab03aEducation5schooling cost
See also Main subject: E01 EDUCATION
See also N02ab02ae Spending on education
See also Main subject: S01 SCHOOL
C10ab03bClothing5dress, fashion
C10ab03cDurables6maretial, goods
C10ab03dExperiences1enjoyment, hedonic, non-durable
See also C10ab03g Leisure
See also C10ab03h Luxury
See also C10ab03m Stimulants
See also Main subject: L03 LEISURE
C10ab03eHealth2medication, medical treatment
See also C10aa02bc Spend less on medication
See also C10ab03l Personal care
See also C10ab04ec Medical services
See also Main subject: H22 HOUSING
C10ab03gLeisure4Free time
See also Main subject: L03 LEISURE
C10ab03gaHoliday travel1holiday, citytrip
See also L03ac02k Traveling
C10ab03hLuxury2art, tv, laptops
See also C14ab03 Kind of cultural consumption
See also P12ab02 Specific possessions
C10ab03haArt1beauty, culture
See also C14ab03 Kind of cultural consumption
C10ab03iNecessities1basic consumption, non-luxury
See also C10ab03h Luxury
See also L03ac02b Eating/drinking out
See also Main subject: N15 NUTRITION
C10ab03jaGroceries0Food, drinks, household products
C10ab03kOther people3social spending, altrustic spending
C10ab03lPersonal care4Skin products, barber
See also C10ab03e Health
See also L03ac02g Personal care
C10ab03mStimulants4bevarages, tobaco, drugs
See also C10aa02bd Spend less on stimulants
See also Main subject: S13 STIMULANTS
C10ab03oTransport6mobility, moving
See also P12ab02ea Car
C10ab03obPublic transportation1
C10ab03pUtilities5water, electricity, heating
See also C10aa02be Spend less on utilities
See also H22ac Cost of housing
C10ab04Kinds of consumption3use of particular goods and services
C10ab04aCommunication4telephone, e-mail, internet
See also A02ac04 Internet use
See also T01ad04 Time spend on internet
See also L12ab04an Telephone connecctions in vinicity
See also P12ab02bc Telephone
C10ab04abE-mail0internet, PC
See also P12ab02ba Internet at home
C10ab04acSocial Media0Facebook, Twitter
See also A02ac04b Social media
See also I04ab04bf Social media
See also L03ac02l Tv watching, radio listening
See also P12ab02bb Tv
C10ab04bEnergy: kinds used0
C10ab04baEnergy used foor coking1
C10ab04bbEnergy used for lighting1
C10ab04cGreen products1ecological, environment friendly
See also C10ad03 Preference for 'green' consumption
See also V02ab04 Ecological values
C10ab04dPositional goods1conspicious consumption
See also C10ab02b Relative level to others
See also Main subject: S09 SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS
C10ab04eServices4hired help, suppoer
See also Main subject: S10 SOCIAL SUPPORT: RECEIVED
C10ab04eaHousehold services0cleaning, food,preparation
See also H21ab02b Household help
C10ab04ebLegal services0lawyer
C10ab04ecMedical services3health care
See also C10ab03e Health
See also H12ac Current medical consumption
See also Main subject: H17 HEALTH: TREATMENT MEDICAL
C10ab04edPsychological services0coaching, therapy
See also H12ac Current medical consumption
C10ab04eeSocial services0advice, education
See also H16ab02e Support/training for coping with mental disability
See also H16ac Guidance of vulnerable people (social work)
See also H17af05 Health education
C10acPurchase behavior0buying,shopping, ordering
See also L03ac02i Shopping
C10ac01Buy where0market, shops, outlet
C10ac01aon internet2web shop
See also L03ac02f Internet, social media
C10ac02Pay how0
C10ac02aType of payment0Creditcard, cash
C10ac02aaPreferred way of payment1
C10ac02abPracticed ways of payment1pay behaviour
C10ac02bFrequency of payment0bills, weekly, monthly
C10adAttitudes to consumption2
C10ad01Consumer confidence0willingness to spend
C10ad02Consumption aspirations/motives3
See also L07ab08 Object of life-goals
See also L09ad02 Satisfaction with lifestyle
C10ad03Preference for 'green' consumption2ecoligical, environmental conscious
See also C10ab04c Green products
See also V02ab04 Ecological values
C10ad04Satisfaction with consumption level1money spending
See also I01af05e Satisfaction with standard of living
C10ad05Satisfaction with consumption pattern0
See also L09ad02 Satisfaction with lifestyle
C10ad06Satisfaction with product availability1supply
See also L12ac02af Satisfaction with local shops
C10aeControl over consumption1shared decision making
See also Main subject: F05 FREEDOM
See also P05bp Inner locus of control