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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
C05CHILDREN: RELATION WITH ONE'S CHILDREN0attitudinal consonance with one's children, relations with children, contacts with one's children, of oneself as a mother, bond with children, family of procreation
See also F02ac Family climate
See also Main subject: F03 FAMILY OF RELATIVES
C05aaDevelopment of relationship with one's children0relational career, family history
See also Main subject: L08 LIFE HISTORY
C05aa01Earlier relation with children1
C05aa02Change in relation with one's children0change in relation with children
See also F02ac02 Change in family-climate
See also F03aa02 Change in family-life
C05aa03Later relation with one's children0later relation with children
C05abCurrent relation with one's children9
C05ab01Relation with children still at home0
See also F02ac Family climate
C05ab02Relation with children living on their own3
See also Main subject: F03 FAMILY OF RELATIVES
See also Main subject: I07 INTIMACY
See also Main subject: S10 SOCIAL SUPPORT: RECEIVED
See also Main subject: S11 SOCIAL SUPPORT: PROVIDED
C05ab03Support received from children3
See also S10ab03 Kind of social support received
C05acAttitude to relation with one's children3attitudes to one's children, to relation with one's children
See also C03ad Attitude to having children
See also C06ac Attitudes to parenting
See also V02aa01d Nurturance (caring)