Findings on Happiness and WORK: CAREER

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
W03WORK: CAREER0own labor, work life
See also A02ac15 Working
See also E02aa Development of one's employment
See also O01aa Occupational career
W03aaEarlier work0work history
See also E02aa01 Earlier (un)employment
See also L08aa Earlier life (antecedents of happiness)
W03aa01Years in occupation2job experience, seniority
See also O01aa03 History of current occupation
W03abChange of work0
See also E02aa02 Change in employment
See also Main subject: L05 LIFE CHANGE
W03acLater work0effect of earlier happiness on work
See also E02aa03 Later (un)employment
See also O01aa04 Later occupation