Findings on Happiness and WAR

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
W01WAR0catastrophes in environment, military defense, social harmony, confrontation with hostility, , events in nation, conflicts in society, of warfare, revolution
See also N12ab02 Civil war in nation
See also N12ab06 Political role of armed forces in nation
W01aaWar-involvement career0
W01aa01Earlier involvement with war3earlier confrontation with war,
W01aa02Change in involvement with war2
W01aa03Later involvement with war0later confrontation with war,
W01abCurrent involvement with war1
W01ab01Involved in warfare1
See also Main subject: M12 MILITARY LIFE
W01ab02Victim of warfare0victim of war,
See also Main subject: V06 VICTIM
W01acAttitudes to war2attitudes to military life,
See also N01ad02 Willingness to fight for nation
W01ac01Attitudes to own involvement in war0
W01ac02Attitudes to war in general0
See also V02ab01b Preference for peaceful solution of political problems