Findings on Happiness and VICTIM

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
V06VICTIM 0personal confrontation with aggression, confrontation with disaster, bad luck, physical trauma, trauma,
V06aaVictim career0
V06aa01Earlier victimization (ever victimized)7earlier victim status,
See also E04ab01b Personal experience of ethnic discrimination
See also L06aa01 Earlier life-events
V06aa02Change: recently victimized3change in victim status,
See also L06ab Current life-events (past few years)
V06aa03Later victimization (victim proneness)0later victim ,
V06abCurrent victim status4
V06ab01Victim of accident3accident,
See also H02ab01c Physical handicap
V06ab02Victim of crime6
See also L17ab02 Safety in vinicity
V06ab03Victim of bullying4
See also S01ad05a Bullying incidence
V06ab04Victim of domestic violence1wife beating
V06ab05Victim of discrimination2marginalization, unfair, inequal treatment
See also G01ae Gender discrimination
V06acVictimization of intimates3
V06adAttitudes to victimization5
V06ad01Perceived chance of becoming victim 3actual safety,
See also Main subject: W07 WORRIES
V06ad02Acceptance of victimization0
See also Main subject: C11 COPING
V06aeDealing with risk of becoming a victem1
See also C11ab01 Current coping-style
See also L17ab02 Safety in vinicity