Findings on Happiness and VALUES: CURRENT PREFERENCES (own)

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
V02VALUES: CURRENT PREFERENCES (own)2own attitudes, moral convictions, moral behavior, family values, valuation of honesty, personal humanistic convictions, ideological orientation, individualistic values, materialistic values, personal mentality, moral convictions, values, own personality, own tastes, current values, value similarity of own values with other's values,
See also Main subject: A08 ATTITUDES
See also Main subject: L07 LIFE GOALS
See also V01aa Earlier values
See also V01ac01 Later value-preferences
V02aaGeneral value-principles4endorsement of rationality as a value
V02aa01Terminal values3
V02aa01aHappiness, pleasure (hedonic values)7valuation of happiness, moral acceptance of pleasure, personal acceptance of lust, own acceptance of pleasure, moral hedonism
See also H11ac03 Moral desirability of happiness
V02aa01bSelf-development (self-actualizing values)3valuation of self-actualization,
See also E01ad Attitudes to one's education
See also P05cr Self-actualization (need for)
See also S01af Attitudes to school
V02aa01cMaterialism16materialistic values,
See also I01aa01e Earlier concern about income
See also I01af02 Income aspirations
V02aa01dNurturance (caring)1
V02aa01eIndividualism (vs collectivism)4internal control, self direction
See also N02ab06d Individualistic values in nation
See also N11ab16 Individualism/collectivism in nation
See also P05bm Independent
See also P05bp Inner locus of control
V02aa01fEgalitarianism10acceptance of social inequality,
See also A09ab Current authoritarianism
See also N14ab02 Inequality in nation
See also N14ab07ac Attitudes to social inequality in nation
See also P05au Dominant
See also P05cy Sociable
See also P05cz Solidary, cooperative
See also P09ae01 Social inequality: more vs less differences
See also V02ab01d Preference for equal rights
See also Main subject: M05 MEANING
See also P05ab Ambitious
See also Main subject: S05 SOCIAL MOBILITY
V02aa02Instrumental values3
V02abDomain-specific value-preferences10
V02ab01Political values3attitudes to political issues, democratic attitudes
See also P09ae Attitudes to basic political issues
V02ab01aAcceptance of abortion0
V02ab01bPreference for peaceful solution of political problems1
See also P05aa Aggressive, angry
V02ab01c(post)-materialism5attitudes to consumption-society, materialistic values, attitude to civic action,
V02ab01dPreference for equal rights4own attitudes to discrimination, preference for equal chances
See also G01ab01 Gender-role attitudes
See also P09ae01 Social inequality: more vs less differences
See also P09af01 Attitudes to ethnic discrimination
See also V02aa01f Egalitarianism
V02ab01eAcceptance cheating on taxes2
See also Main subject: A06 ANOMY
See also P05bj Honest
V02ab02Social values14
See also C09ab02b Concern about social relations
See also P05cy Sociable
V02ab03Work values13attitudes to work (in general),
See also W05ac Current motivation to work
V02ab04Ecological values26
See also C10ab04c Green products
See also C10ad03 Preference for 'green' consumption
V02ab05Economical values6
See also I01af01 Concerns about income
V02ab06Educational values5
See also E01ad Attitudes to one's education
See also S01af02 Perceived usefulness of schooling
V02acValue-pattern3diversity of values,
See also L07ab09 Organization of life-goals (life-goal set)
V02ac01Modern value pattern3political conservatism, personal orientation,
See also M14ab01 Modern attitudes
See also Main subject: N11 NATION: PERSONALITY (modal)
V02ac02Feminine value pattern4
See also Main subject: G01 GENDER
See also Main subject: N11 NATION: PERSONALITY (modal)
V02adValue set6
See also L07ab09 Organization of life-goals (life-goal set)
V02ad01Diversity of values2
V02ad02Consonance of values1conflict, contradiction
See also L07ab04 Conflict among life goals
See also P04ab Personality integration
V02aeAttitudes to own values2attitudes to own value-preferences
V02ae01Concern about own values5super ego,
See also P05bf Guilty
See also P05bz Moral
See also S02ae01e Satisfaction with own morality
V02ae02Satisfaction with own values0
See also S02ae Current satisfaction with self