Findings on Happiness and TIME

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
T01TIME 50satisfaction with leisure,
See also H15ab03 Current stress
See also Main subject: P08 PLANNING
T01aaTime-behavior career0
T01aa01Earlier time-behavior0earlier activity,
T01aa01aEarlier future orientation0future
T01aa02Change in time-behavior3change in activity,
T01aa03Later time-behavior0later activity, later treatment
T01abCurrent time-perception2attitudes to time, perceived pace of life, speedy personality,
T01ab01Awareness of time1punctual, time-conscious,
T01ab02Perceived speed of time2time passes slow
See also P05da Speedy, hurried
T01ab03Perceived time-pressure14experience of time-pressure
See also P02ab27 Earlier hurriedness
See also P05da Speedy, hurried
T01ab04Temporal orientation1day dreaming, here and now orientation,
T01ab04aOrientation on the past0
See also Main subject: D01 DAILY JOYS & HASSLES
T01ab04bOrientation on the present0
T01ab04cOrientation on the future9orientation on the future, future oriented, future-oriented
See also Main subject: H19 HOPE
See also P08ab01 Planning mindedness
T01ab05Perceived continuity of time2
T01ab06Perceived control over ones time1
See also P05bp Inner locus of control
T01acCurrent time-organization8planning minded, punctual,
See also C08ab07 Psychic competences
See also Main subject: P08 PLANNING
T01adCurrent time-usage22own life-style, speedy lifestyle, work activity,
See also A01ab Current activity level
See also E02ad02 Hours work
T01ad01Time spend alone1solitude
T01ad02Time spend commuting5wor-home travel
See also A02ac14 Vacationing
See also W04ab04 Distance to work
T01ad03Time spend at home2indoor, outgoing
See also L09ab02e Work-life balance
See also M15ad02 Mood at home
T01ad04Time spend on internet18e-mail, online, web
See also A02ac04 Internet use
See also C10ab04a Communication
See also I04ab03a Time on internet
See also L03ac02f Internet, social media
See also P12ab02ba Internet at home
T01ad05Time spend on leisure1hobby, free time
See also A02ac05 Leisure
See also L03ac02e Hobbies
T01ad06Time spend socializing5interaction,
See also A02ac10 Socializing
See also F06ac Current contacts with friends
T01ad06aTime spend with family1
See also F01ad Family climate (earlier for adults, current for young)
See also L09ab02e Work-life balance
See also T01ad03 Time spend at home
T01ad06bTime spend on social media3Facebook, Twitter
See also A02ac04 Internet use
See also F06ad04 Online friends
See also I04ab04bf Social media
T01ad07Time spend studying49education, learning
See also A02ac11 Studying
T01ad08Time spent on work and care12work-life balance
See also A02ac15b Paid work
See also W04ab23 Work-life balance
See also W05ag Perceived conflict between work and home life
T01ad09Time spend on work tasks2work activities
See also A02ac Specific activities
See also W04ab Current work-conditions
T01aeRelative time use0
See also A02ac Specific activities
T01afAttitudes to own time-behavior1attitudes to time,
See also A02ad Attitudes to own activity pattern
See also A08ab02 Attitudes to one self
T01af01Fit between actual and desired time-use5real-want match
See also T01af02 Satisfaction with time-use
See also W04ab07 Load of work
See also W05ac02 Preferred work-conditions
See also W05ag Perceived conflict between work and home life
T01af02Satisfaction with time-use12satisfaction with time use
See also A02ad05 Time spent on disliked activities
T01af03Satisfaction with leisure hours4satisfaction with leisure,
See also L03ad03a Satisfaction with time for leisure